Coinbase NFT Marketplace To Launch Soon

At Coinbase NfT Marketplace is to expand economic freedom in the world. By allowing more people to join the creator economy and benefit from their work, NFTs have a key role to play in this mission. Their effect is already being felt. NFT artists have rocked up the traditional art world. Industries such as fashion, gaming, and music are perceiving the power of NFTs to unlock new aspects of creativity and ownership. But if you have tried to make or buy NFTs, you are probably missing the user experience we can help.

Today, we are declaring Coinbase NFT, a peer-to-peer marketplace that will make the minting, buying, showcasing, and discovery of NFTs easier than ever. Just as Coinbase first helped millions of people access bitcoin easily and reliably – we want to do the same for NFTs.

We are bringing NFTs more accessible by creating user-friendly interfaces that put the intricacy behind the scenes. We’re putting in social features that open up new avenues for conversation and discovery. And we’re going to see the creator community grow rapidly, which is a win for the artists and fans alike.

Coinbase NFT is the first creative and creator

Building an NFT should be as simple as tapping a few buttons. Anything also difficult is an obstacle to creativity. Coinbase NFT will be a peer-to-peer marketplace that authorizes the imagination. With an instinctive design built on top of a decentralized marketplace, Coinbase NFT puts the art and artist knowledge at the forefront.

A significant part of that experience is being controlled. We will bring it easier for artists to conserve creative control through decentralized contracts and metadata transparency. All NFTs are on-chain. The first launch will support Ethereum-based ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards, with multi-chain support planned quickly after. We will provide the best user experience, but we will never close up the creators.

Developing community

Buying and selling will be the major features of Coinbase NFT. We will have a vibrant, secure marketplace. But we understand we can do greatly more and are designed for social engagement. By fostering connections, Coinbase will enable NFT creators, collectors, and fans to create a community. We will curate your personalized feed based on your interests. Your profile will display all your NFTs in one place, helping you connect with like-minded fans or artists. The social element forms the future by sharing passion, sparking new collaborations, and firing up the imagination.

Expanding creator economy

People are naturally creative. We create art, convey our individuality, build community and seek meaning. But there has never been a universal manner for creators to own, control, and benefit from their creations, especially in the digital world until now. Our ambition with Coinbase NFT is to enable everyone to benefit from their creative spark; To provide for a future where the “creator economy” is not a minor subset of the “real” economy, but a prominent driver.


  • Yokesh Sankar

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