Here’s how DAOs are making digital land more accessible to Metaverse denizens

How DAOs are creating digital land more attainable to Metaverse denizens

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are individuals that organize themselves collectively to pursue common goals and interests in social applications and blockchain.

As the direction of the Metaverse proceeds to mature, the DAOs are rallying for the potential for use and investing in the metaverse. Given that Goldman Sachs has placed an $8 trillion valuation on the sector, eyes and ears are bent on the possibility of accessibility, usability, and potential monetization of these virtual worlds.

The owners of the digital land in the metaverse tout some of the most recognizable names like Adidas, Snoop Dogg, JP Morgan, and  Nike. These organizations are investing in the digital world and joining the movement towards Web3 to adequately connect with consumers.

However, the biggest obstacle to joining the digital rush is cost. The DAOs want to create a fair way to invest in and use these virtual worlds.

The DAOs could potentially help bring in new entrants to Web3 in a huge way by making engagement with the digital world more accessible. This means finding ways to share, rent and invest in the digital land of the metaverse.

Investors can rent out digital land for passive income

Beyond gameplay functionality, digital earth in the Metaverse gives endless possibilities, especially depending on who buys and builds it. As such, Landworks is a public marketplace on the Ethereum network. It set up a model for digital landowners to lease out their respective plots, while users can enjoy a cheaper entry point without having to wait long.

The Landworks model is simple to build capital efficiency into the metaverse. Similar to the accommodation marketplace and Airbnb platform, Landworks leverages its community marketplace to allow users to browse for the land they can rent. Powered by EnterDAO, Landworks is governed by the native ENTR token, through which lenders can mine tokens through synthetix staking rewards.

Presently, only Decentraland landlords are supported on the platform, but that may soon change in the future. EnterDAO is about the metaverse as it fills out its rental marketplace with its other product, the metaportal, a hub for all Metaverse games and events.

The DAO unites to turn Metaverse real estate into an investment

Panjiadao, a Metaverse land cooperative, intends to build a more equitable virtual world in the metaverse by democratizing digital land possession. The treasury of PangeaDAO, regulated by its community, is the capital in which the DAO will attain real estate and digital assets. PangeaDAO will govern various portfolios within the metaverse, allowing members to benefit from owning, operating, and financing income-generating land.

Unlike AxieLands NFT and landworks, PangeaDAO is a narrowly more passive way for investors to get exposure to the metaverse, but it aims to generate revenue through its partnerships and investments in the digital space.

Although the operations, functions, and value distributions in the DAOs are still in the early stages of growth, the team of like-minded individuals is working more on the future of the metaverse and its arrangement in the nascent ecosystem.

Investors are now joining new frontiers with the next iteration of the web through the DAOs as a way to solve the entry point into the metaverse. Although DAO and metaverse development are still a long way off, it seems the time has come to invest and build a more accessible digital world.



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