Top Crypto Currencies

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1. Ethereum

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency and one of the best to buy and hold in 2022. The platform is undergoing major changes that will attract more developers and investors. Developers are implementing the transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake network. They will also introduce the concept of sharding, which will speed things up significantly. Therefore, more developers may choose it to build their applications. Also, despite its flaws, most of them are already using it. Therefore, it is possible that the price of Ethereum will continue to rise in 2022. Learn how to buy Ethereum with our in-depth guide or invest with our recommended platforms below.


2. Chainring

Chainlink is the largest intelligent oracle platform in the industry. Its job is primarily to connect off-chain data to off-chain data. Its use is very important in various industries such as DeFi and NFTs that require useful external data. Chainlink’s Total Secured Value (TVS) exceeds $55 billion. Learn how to buy Chainlink with our in-depth guide, or invest through our recommended platforms below.

3. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be safely bought and held due to the important role it plays in the blockchain industry. It is the largest coin in the world and it tends to set the tone for other coins. In most cases, when Bitcoin goes up, other cryptocurrencies tend to go up and vice versa. Therefore, if cryptocurrency prices have a positive year in 2022, there is a chance that Bitcoin will also rise.


4. Near Protocol

Near Protocol is another cryptocurrency expected to invest in 2022. It is a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency that has gained huge traction among developers. Creators are currently implementing a Nightshade sharding upgrade aimed at making it faster and more scalable. To cement this mission, Near Protocol raised nearly $350 million in April of this year. A few months ago, the developer raised more than $100 million from investors. Additionally, its total value locked in DeFi has risen to nearly $1 billion and is likely to continue growing this year.

5. Mina Protocol

The Mina Protocol, a little-known cryptocurrency, is set to have a bumper year. Its price has risen about 61% from its year-to-date lows. Mina Protocol is a blockchain project that uses zero-knowledge (zk) rollups to help developers build fast applications. Its total token market cap exceeds $1.1 billion. Mina is a humble yet possibly moonshot pick in our top 10 cryptocurrency 2022 list. The platform has the potential to gain traction due to its SDK launching in 2022. If this happens, the Mina price may continue to rise as more people interact with its platform.


6. Lido Road

Lido DAO is a leading blockchain project in the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry. The platform is built in Terra, Ethereum, Solana, Kusama and Polygon. Its Ethereum and Terra networks are the largest. Lido’s aim is to provide liquidity for pledged assets. With such a large ecosystem, Lido is on of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022. So, keep your eye out.


7. Anchor Protocol

Anchor Protocol is another good cryptocurrency to buy and hold in 2022. Anchor Protocol allows people to deposit money on its platform and then start earning rewards when others borrow money. In early 2022, Anchor Protocol prices fell after developers announced they would adjust the interest rate earned each month. Interest rates will rise or fall by 1.5% each month. Nonetheless, Anchor remains a good cryptocurrency to invest in 2022 as its ecosystem continues to grow.

8. Avalanche

Avalanche is the leading blockchain platform designed to help developers build fast decentralized applications. While Ethereum processes less than 20 transactions per second, Avalanche can process up to 4,000 transactions. It’s also a relatively cheap network to transact on, with transactions averaging a few cents.
While the Avalanche network is growing strongly, its developers have announced more than $400 million in investments to enhance its ecosystem. The first is Avalanche Rush, and the second is the $290 million Metaverse. Therefore, Avalanche prices may continue to rise in 2022. This makes it our 9th pic in the top 10 cryptocurrency 2022 list. But, with such as strong community and use case, it an very well outperform many other coins. Keep your mind open.


9. Polygon

This Layer 2 solution for Ethereum has tuned out to be one of the largest smart contract platforms today. From their humble beginnings as an Ethereum layer 2 protocol, Polygon has expanded itself and established as a smart contract platform in it’s own right. With plenty of partnerships with big projects in the business, Polygon is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2022.

10. Cronos

Cronos is a promising cryptocurrency that is expected to experience incredible growth in 2022. It also attracts many developers in the space. According to DeFi Llama, the network has hundreds of projects with a TVL of over $4 billion. Therefore, Cronos price may continue to rise.

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