Ukraine Outlets Offer Exclusive Content Behind an NFT Paywall

Ukraine retailers offer exclusive content behind an NFT paywall

Three Ukrainian news outlets have partnered with Vault, a non-fungible token (NFT) platform to lend exclusive content from within the country, but behind an NFT paywall, for those interested to purchase an “NFT key” to gain access.

The three outlets are Ukrainska Pravda, Novoye Vremya, and the NGO broadcaster Hromadske, which have seen a vast increase in their audience since the war broke out.

The Press-Gazette reported that the outlet is looking to sell a limited number of “NFT keys” that will give holders access to a digital vault of exclusive, curated, and original content.

According to Vault, there will be 10,000 keys in the aspect of NFTs, each of which will be available for sale for SOL 1.12 (USD 98.5). At the time of writing, 9968 keys were available, which indicates that 32 keys have been sold.

Users who buy the keys will have access to “content curated across publishing teams of journalists and photographers,” in addition to “images, videos, links to stories, and recommended readings.”

As the war in Ukraine is on the brink of entering its third week, there is an increasing need for media publications to give up-to-date content from the ground up, and this is becoming more complicated.

Sevgil Mysayeva, editor-in-chief of Ukrainska Pravda insisted that the outlet was “the second most popular website in Ukraine after Google” in the first few days of the invasion.

The previous week, Ukraine’s official Twitter account explained that they would sell NFTs to support the country’s armed forces rather than continue the formerly announced airdrop.



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